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Giving Thanks

The foundations we build our lives upon are so important. Typically, we build the foundations first, and everything else is shaped from there. We want to take this opportunity to honor those who have given us our foundations, our parents, our elders, our teachers, and the Great Spirit that provides all. 

The elders are present in every community, and if sought out, can provide the guidance that helps us to build our foundations and shape the directions we take with our lives. Thank you to all of the elders—both living and not—for what you have offered in words, deeds, and in love. 

For our teachers...our parents, our mentors, our drumming instructors, men and women, who have walked on the path before us and given us the opportunity to learn this music and culture, and who have inspired us on our path to gather as a unique group of women drummers and musicians . . . Give Thanks.

In the spirit of community, here are some drum links to our teachers and community members:

Baile's African Drum Works ( www.bailesadw.com) is an online resource to find authentic African drums, drum accessories, information, other links, and Baba Baile McKnight!

Ubaka Hill's website is www.ubakahilldrumsong.com

Menes Yahuda, Tam Tam Mandingue Professor, offers classes in Baltimore and in Philadelphia.  Contact him at 410.908.3575.

Sankofa Center for Cultural Enrichment offers drum classes and dance classes for adults, teens, and children.  Drum Classes are Wednesday evenings.  Call 410.669.DRUM for more information.

Baltimore International Rhythm and Drumming Society (www.drumtogether.net)  is a resource for Baltimore information and is the home of the annual Baltimore International Rhythm Festival.

Tam Tam Mandingue (www.ttmusa.org)  is Mamady Keita's school system and is an excellent resource for information about his workshops and his music and instructional resources.

Fun Drum Rhythm Circles is a Columbia-based organization that promotes great drumming events and community building activities--get your drum circle on!

Mosa will be one of the vendors at the event, and among her singing/sounding and musical talents, she also finds time to make amazing drum accessories and hats. Her website is www.mosazone.com.

Catskill Mountain Womyn Drumming is the home of the mothership, the Annual Catskill Mountain Womyn's World Drum & Percussion Happen'n near Woodstock, NY.

Jaqui MacMillan is a well-known and well-loved teacher in the DC/Westminster area...check out her site and her classes

Janet Peck is a Lancaster-based African dance instructor and performer. She holds classes on Thursday nights in Lancaster. For more information, contact her at janetdance@aol.com

Imani Edu-Tainers are also located in the Lancaster area and hold dance classes on Tuesday nights at the Mulberry Arts studio. Imani is also an African Dance Company and has been performing all over the Central PA Region for years.


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